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Establish Your Company in Turkey

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Setting Up a Company in Turkey


Welcome to Delil Law Firm, where we specialize in providing legal services for foreign nationals to establish their company in Turkey including helping them get a virtual office, accounting support, opening bank accounts, and comprehensive legal guidance on matters such as residence permit and work permit in Turkey.


Turkey is a country that is rapidly developing and becoming more attractive for foreign investors who are looking for new business opportunities. And also, foreigners from war torn countries like Ukraine, Russia and Afghanistan are setting up their companies in Turkey to get residence and work permit, generate revenue and start up their life in a more stable country. In recent years, Turkey has implemented significant economic reforms, creating a business-friendly environment that makes it easier for foreign investors to establish their companies in the country. Let's explore how to establish a company in Turkey and the possible benefits and advantages of doing so together.

Our Services Concerning Commercial Law


Delil Law Office provides you with legal support in your business activities in Turkey. Our officials, in contact with authorized administrative institutions and organizations, carry out the following necessary legal affairs and transactions in compliance with the current legislation and application rules:

  • Help you determine which type of company to establish in Turkey based on your needs and desires(LLC or JSC)

  • Help you choose a company name and make sure there are no conflicts,

  • Obtaining potential tax identification number,

  • Open a bank account,

  • Prepare the articles of association which is necessary to establish your company,

  • Notarize the necessary documents,

  • Establish your company,

  • Obtain approval from Trade Registry,

  • Register your company to Turkish Chamber of Commerce,

  • Obtain additional permits and licenses that may be required in your field of work(such as obtaining food service licenses if you are willing to open a restaurant),

  • Provide you legal advice and consultancy all along your ventures,

  • Help you obtain residence and work permits for you and your family via our solution partners,

  • Accounting services for your company via our solution partners,

  • Help you find the best virtual offices for your business if needs be

Depending on the type of business, additional permits and licenses may be required. For example, if you plan to open a restaurant, you will need to obtain a food service license.

What Are the Possible Benefits and Advantages of Establishing a Company in Turkey?


Some of the possible advantages of establishing a company in Turkey are:

  • Easy registration and procedures

  • Low operation costs and expenses

  • Cheap yet quality workforce

  • Ease of access for export

  • A large and diverse marketplace

  • Plenty of local manufacturers to supply goods or services

  • Incentives provided by the government

  • Health insurance for all family members

  • Obtaining a residence and work permit

Just get a world map and look for Turkey on the map. Turkey is one of the few logistics transit points in the world. Establishing your business in Turkey not only helps you to get residence and work permits but also gives you the opportunity to access to one of the world's largest commercial networks.

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