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Delil Law Office was founded by Maşallah DELİL in 2007 and is currently managed by H. Baran DELİL. It provides services to its clients in Turkey and all over the world in the fields of company law, commercial law, real estate law, inheritance law and family law.

With its expert team, Delil Law Firm provides services to foreign clients in the following areas:

  • Company establishment,

  • Preparation of the articles of association of the company,

  • Ensuring the company's registration in the local trade registry,

  • Providing virtual office service for the company through solution partners,

  • Providing company accounting services through solution partners,

  • Obtaining residence permit and work permit,

  • Opening a bank account in Turkey,

  • Obtaining a tax number in Turkey,

  • Preparing the legal basis for all investments, including real estate purchases, to be made in Turkey,

  • Acquisition of Turkish citizenship,

  • Family law and divorce proceedings,

  • Inheritance proceedings,

  • Real estate law and investment consulting

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Even though you don't have to have a lawyer for most of your legal matters, remember Abraham Lincoln's words to avoid loss of rights: "He who represents himself has a fool for a client"

Delil Law Firm is a law firm located in Ankara and provides advocacy and legal consultancy services in the field of private law to its clients all over Turkey and the world. It aims to provide the best legal services to its clients, especially in the fields of family law, real estate law and inheritance law.

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