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Divorce Lawyer in Ankara, Turkey

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Divorce Lawyer in Ankara - TURKEY

Oftentimes we're hearing complains from our foreing clients that it was so hard to find an English speaking lawyer in Turkey for their legal cases within the conceptual frame of Family Law. As Delil Law Firm, we strive to provide the best legal services to our foreign clients in the fields of family law, real estate law, inheritance law and corporate law.

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Divorce Case Types and Reasons According to Turkish Law

There are special and general reasons for divorce according to Turkish Civil Code. General reasons are specifically mentioned in Turkish Civil Code while special reasons are going to be used on every other matter at hand.

Special Reasons for Divorce:

  • Uncontested Divorce


Type of divorce cases in which both parties agree on every term of the conditions of divorce. A protocol of divorce which is prepared by parties according to their own will is going to be presented to the competent and authourized court by divorce lawyer. We help our clients with this whole process till the end. 

For uncontested divorce to be chosen by persons, their marriage must have been continued for at least 1(one) year.

  • Severe Incompability - Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage

If for several reasons that are not spesifically mentioned by Turkish Civil Code are making the matrimonial cohabitation insufferable or unbearable for married individuals, they can file their divorce cases according to this particular reason so the judge will decide on the matter according to the equitable principles(hakkaniyet ilkesi)

General Reasons for Divorce

  • Adultery

  • Attempted Murder, Maltreatment or Degrading Behaviour Against Spouse

  • Commiting a Disgraceful Offence/Infamous Crime or Living Life in a Dishonourable Manner

  • Abandonment of the Spouse

  • Mental Illness of the Spouse

Side Issues of Divorce Cases

  • Custody of Children

  • Alimony for Spouses

  • Protection and Prevention Measures Such as Suspension Order

  • Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages/Material and Immaterial Compensation

Liquidation of Matrimonial Property

Liquidation of matrimonial property is going to be filed with another case after the divorce case is over. They are two completely different types of legal cases.

For more info and legal representation, you can contact us via abovementioned contact info. We wish you well for all your endeavours.

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